Housed in the School of Life Sciences, Conservation Biology & Ecology students investigate the impact of humans on Earth's biodiversity and develop practical approaches to prevent the extinction of species and promote the sustainable use of biological resources.

Arizona State University has made a commitment toward a more sustainable world, and knowledge of conservation biology and ecology is one critical component to help us meet this global challenge.


Conservation Biology & Ecology classes span many topics we can learn in a classroom... but much of our learning waits for us out in the field.

Key classes include:

BIO 322: Conservation of Biodiversity 

BIO 324: Environmental Ethics

BIO 410: Techniques in Conservation Biology and Ecology

BIO 422: Ecosystem Ecology

BIO 423: Population and Community Ecology

BIO 434: People and Nature: Ecosystem Services

BIO 498: Sonoran Desert Field Botany

For a full list of classes offered, visit Conservation Biology & Ecology's major map


To get in touch with one of our Conservation Biology & Ecology mentors and learn more about our program, please contact Chelsea Avelino at