Jessica Givens  

Jessica Givens is a Conservation Biology & Ecology senior in the life sciences. She is the president of the Central AZ Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology and, recently, a Fellow in the School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research program. Jessica works in Dr. Kevin McGraw’s lab researching how hummingbird traits co-vary in an urban environment.

As an aspiring wildlife and ecosystems conservationist, she is guided everyday by her mantra: to protect the future of our planet and those who live on it. She hopes to inspire and empower undergraduates to do the same as Executive Director and Co-Founder of Nature@ASU.




Rae Fadlovich is a junior studying Biology with a concentration in Conservation and Ecology and English Literature. Rae is interested in the ways a changing environment alters specie distribution as well as how scientists and journalists communicate scientific issues. On campus she is an undergraduate assistant in Dr. Collin’s lab, works as an undergraduate editorial assistant for Dr. Smith, and spends afternoons working as a Lifeguard at the SDFC. Outside of the classroom you can find Rae camping, hiking, or on the rugby field. 

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Max Wilson

Max Wilson is a PhD student in the School of Life Sciences where his research focuses on the impacts of habitat fragmentation on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Max earned his B.S. in Biology from ASU in 2010 and his M.S. in Biology from ASU in 2012. During his time at ASU Max has served as a teaching assistant for countless courses, developing a passion for undergraduate education. Max serves as a graduate advisor for Nature@ASU.

Dr. Sharon Hall

Dr. Sharon Hall is an ecosystem ecologist with interests in conservation and the dynamic relationship between humans and the environment. How do humans change ecological systems, and how do these changes in turn affect human behavior?   What types of ecosystem and landscape management practices enhance environmental quality and human well-being?

Dr. Hall grew up in Oakland, CA and graduated from Stanford University in 1990 with a B.S. in Biology with a focus in Neuroscience. She became interested in the environment after spending the better part of a year diving in the kelp forests of the Monterey Bay and teaching at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Dr. Hall pursued an Ed.M. degree at Harvard University in 1992, and then completed a Ph.D. in 1998 in Soil and Ecosystem Science at UC Berkeley.  After a post-doc at the University of Colorado, Dr. Hall became a faculty member in the interdisciplinary Environmental Science Program at The Colorado College.  In 2005, Dr. Hall joined the faculty in the School of Life Sciences at ASU.  On a daily basis, Dr. Hall feels lucky to work with talented, curious students and colleagues on important questions related to ecology, conservation and human-environment sustainability.