a diverse community of students

to protect the future of life

on earth and its natural ecosystems

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Pillar I, Build, is the recruitment branch of Nature at ASU. This pillar is a response to the struggles faced by incoming students trying to connect their passion for nature to a career. Our objective within this pillar is to increase enrollment and awareness of environmental undergraduate major programs and concentrations through active and passive recruitment.


Recruitment activities include high school and community college outreach, participation in freshmen community building events, coordination with academic advisors, and engagement with historically underrepresented groups.


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Pillar II, Unite, is the community branch of Nature at ASU. This pillar seeks to address the isolation felt by undergraduate students in various environmental disciplines (i.e. Conservation Biology & Ecology, Sustainability, Earth & Environmental Studies) by reaching across disciplinary boundaries to foster community building. The objective of Unite is to increase retention rates, individual student success, and community involvement in Nature at ASU undergraduate degree programs.


Community activities include provision of a physical space to serve as a hub for environmental students, establishment of a mentorship program, and organization of membership events designed to build social capital and professional connections.


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Pillar III, Empower, is the career development branch of Nature at ASU. This pillar targets the general lack of awareness regarding specific classes, internships, and experiences necessary for environmental students to be competitive in their fields of interest. This Nature branch seeks to connect career requirements with university resources, provide early career planning assistance, and curate internships and professional experience in environmental fields. The ultimate objective is to increase employment rates for graduates of Nature at ASU programs.


Career development activities include establishing relationships with key environmental employers, directing students to job and internship opportunities, and working with Career Services at ASU.


The environmental movement

is stronger together.

The Nature Alliance connects environmentally-minded students at universities across the country.