The School of Earth & Space Exploration is home to the Earth & Environmental Studies degree program. Here, students will receive a foundational understanding of the evolution of the earth system with an emphasis on the planetary context for sustainable human societies

Ever wonder what it would be like to study the Earth and the Universe beyond? At ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration, you can - while learning from some of the top researchers in the country. From Earth and Environmental Studies to Astro Physics, students at SESE have the opportunity to get involved with cutting edge research. "


These are the keystone classes that make Earth & Environmental Studies 

SES 106: Habitable Worlds

GLG 108: Water Planet

GLG 110: Dangerous World

GLG 305: Dynamic Earth

GLG 325: Oceanography

GLG 327: Earth's Critical Zone

For a full list of classes offered, visit the Earth & Environmental Studies major map.