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Meet your SOLSmates!

Have you had trouble connecting with faculty because of the large nature of some of our classes? Maybe you’ve thought about changing your major to something more aligned with your interests.  Even if you are confident in your major, today’s SOLSMATES event is a rare opportunity for one-on-one time with professors in an informal format.  I saw many students connecting with teachers yesterday, and the teachers said they same – they were ecstatic about meeting students and getting to know them through this fun event.


Here's who we have slated for today’s event:

-          Conservation Ecology and Biology: Miranda Bernard, Jill Azzolini, Charlie Rolsky, Sharon Hall

-          Biomedical Science: Miles Orchinik

-          Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology: Stuart Newfeld, Irina Sinakevitch

-          Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior: Kevin McGraw, Jill Azzolini

-          Biology and Society: Jane Maienschein, Page Baluch, Beckett Sterner, Matthew Chew

-          Microbiology: Shelley Haydel, Emily Higgins

-          Medical microbiology: Shelley Haydel, Emily Higgins

-          Molecular Biotechnology and Bioscience: Tsafrir Mor

-          Neurobiology: Rick Gerkin


If you’ve wanted to meet these professors, this is your chance! Hope to see you from 2-5pm today in LSC Atrium.